When you move, our CoolKids move.


From May 8 - May 14, help us move 7,530 miles - that's the distance from our NYC office to our first program in India - in honor of our first patient served 20 years ago.


Sign up individually or join a team. Walk, bike, run, swim, or roll every day for seven days to help us reach our goal. There’s no wrong way to move, no distance too small. Together we can help our CoolKids walk and roll.

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From May 8th through May 14th,  walk, bike, run, swim, or roll. Manually upload your movement to help us reach our cummulative goal of 7,530 miles moved in one week.




You can help our CoolKids walk and roll.


All donations provide prosthetic limbs, orthotic devices, and wheelchairs to children living with disabilities and with them: access to education, independence, and the ability to simply be a kid. Donate here.



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Friendly competition to help our CoolKids walk and roll.